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 Special Value Pricing for Your I Business I Garage I Basement I Patio
Floor Projects:
$144.95 1/2 Kit
1.5 Gallons I Coverage
250 Sq. Ft. I Equal to
1.25 Car Garage I Select
w/or without Tools &
Sundries I Product Only $99.95
$239.95 Installer Kit | 3
Gallons | Coverage 500
Sq. Ft. | Equal to
Standard 2.5 Car Garage |
Select w/or without Tools
& Sundries | Product Only $187.50 

100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Options for Epoxy Floor Systems & Garage Floor Kits

Complete Kit Contains: 3 Gallons of Epoxy (Coverage 500 sq. ft.) Complete 1/2 Kit Contains: 1.5 Gallons of Epoxy (Coverage 250 sq. ft.) Both Kits Include Decorative Flake I Etch Concentrate I Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide I Roller Cover I Mixing Wand I Trim Brush I Disposable Gloves I Instructions & Video

Complete 3 Gallon Kit $239.95 I Complete Kit No Tools $219.95 I 3 Gallon Kit Product Only $187.50 I Complete Half Kit $144.95 I Half Kit No Tools $126.95 I Half Kit Product Only $99.95 I 15 Gallon Kit Product Only (Coats 2500 sq. ft.) $724.95 I Drum Kits $4897.95 (Coats 25,000 sq. ft.)

EPOXYTECH KIT® | Epoxy Floor System Options

Build-a-Kit | Standard Floor Coating Kit Options

Additional Kit System Add-Ons

3 gallon epoxy floor paint kit system

3 Gallon Kit (Product Only)

Includes 2 Part Epoxy System
Bucket & Instructions  $187.50

1.5 Gal. Product Only I Coats 250 SF or 1.5 Car Garage...

Half Kit (Product Only)

Includes 2 Part Epoxy System
Video & Instructions $99.95

EPOXYTECH KIT® | Popular Kit Selections

3 Gallon Kit with Decorative Flake

3 Gallon Kit with Decorative Flake


Professional Grade 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy coating kit.

Complete 3 Gallon Kit with Flake, Non-Slip, Prep Solution & Tools $239.95


3  Gallon Floor Coating Kit

3 Gallon Kit with Flake & Clear Coat


3 Gallon Kit with Prep Flake and Non-Slip I No Tools

3 Gallon Kit with Prep, Flake & Non-Slip
No Tools


Half Kit

Half Kit with Flake, Prep, Non-Slip & Tools


Half Kit with Flake non slip and prep no tools!

Half Kit with Flake, Non-Slip & Prep
No Tools



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