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“Thanks EpoxyTech Kit! Enclosed are photos of our metallic floor installation. Floor looks incredible. Not often does a product do everything it claims! – Wendy I Salt Lake City, Utah.


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5 Star Rated Reviews

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Will use again. As described… still looks wet even when dry is right!
David Bagozzi – Chesterfield, MI  Epoxy is Paint for Coating the Garage 

Very high gloss, have used other floor coating kits and this is apples and oranges.
William Parson – Ocala, FL

Amazing stuff. Our garage floor looks like a very deep shiny ocean. The 3DFX Metallic paint is gorgeous.
T. Ivy – Central Plaines, AZ

Awesome floor kit, as described. 24/7 customer support is great.
Hazel Hadley – Ft. Meyers, FL  Paint for Garage to Epoxy Coat the Floor

This epoxy coating is incredible. Recommend this garage floor coating to anyone!
Angela Capuano – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quality customer support. Had plenty of questions and they were there for me.
Frank Cuomo – Berlin, Ct.

Shine, shine and more shine. So far so good, am very impressed.
Greg Herbel – Grain Valley, MO

Super thick! One coat. Good value… great epoxy floor paint! looks like a glossy showroom.
Mary Pellogrino – San Fransisco, CA Best Epoxy Paint for coating the concrete

Love our garage floor! Sent pictures and please use us as testimonial. We picked the brushed steal looking metallic. So cool. Thanks for a great product!
John Demeo Brooklyn, NY

Our whole family is in the industry. This product is at it says… harder and stronger! The Life-time guarantee sold me!
William P. – North Carolina Best for Epoxy I Coating I Floor I Paint I Kit

Used water-based the first time, don’t make the same mistake I did. This is the one you want. The durability and the bond is incredible. Could tell as soon as we received it that it was a quality kit.
Nick Aiuto – Las Vegas, NV