ViporLock® I ‘Oil Stop’ Primer


ViporLock®Oil Stop’ Primer with multi-facet vapor barrier technology. Creates a membrane to coagulate and block petroleum based stains and contaminate, designed as moisture barrier (hydro-static pressure) as well. Penetrates porous surface for an amazing durable bond. [1.5 Gallons – 2:1 Mix Ratio – Coats 300 Sf.]



ViporLock® Oil Stop Primer with vapor barrier technology by Epoxy Tech®. This product coagulates contaminates and creates a moisture barrier to aid in conditions where moisture or  hydro-static pressure are present. Great 2 in 1 multi facet primer fits most any application. Primer is only needed in conditions where contaminants or heavy grime and moisture is of concern. Primer not needed on clean contaminant free floor. [2:1 mix ratio – 2 part a to 1 part b] Primes 300 sf @ 2.6 mils dft. Also used in high build – high wear applications. Pro-Grade Product for Pro-Grade Finish!

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Weight 23 lbs