DuraGloss™ 2 Component High Solids Polyurea Clear Coat


Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™ I DuraGloss™ Industrial Grade 2 Part High Solids Polyurea Clear Coat [Coats 500-600 Sf – Rated Industrial+] Pro Grade Products for Pro Grade Finish!



Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™ I DuraGloss™ High Solids Premium Grade Polyurea Clear Top Coat 1 gallon of the Highest Volume Solids of Polyurea on Market @ 93% Solids.  2x Thicker than Industry Standard (Coats 500 SF @ 3+ mls dft) Optional Matte Finish Top Coat Additive Available for a egg shell sheen Minimizes scuffs and marks – provides minimal slip resistance.) With matte finish additive, 1 gallon coats 600 sf due to increased volume. Specify either in notes at checkout. This product rated at industrial grade (+).  For residential clear coat applications we recommend a 1 part high wear moisture cured urethane. Pre-mix part a before adding and mixing in part a for best results. Roll directly out of pan – do not pour product in ribbons on floor. Allow proper ventilation after application.

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Weight 18 lbs