• 100% Solids 3 Gallon Epoxy Clear Coat


    Professional Grade 2 Part 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Clear Epoxy Floor Coating Only Kit includes 2 gallons of part a resin and 1 gallon of part b activator (3 gallons coat 500 sf @ 9.7-10 mils dft – based on porosity of concrete or substrate.) Also comes with DYI Video Link & Instructions.

  • 165 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Drum Kit Coats 25,000 sf. | .19¢ sf.

    From: $4,897.95

    Rating: ★★★★ | 119 Votes

    EpoxyTech Kit® 165 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Drum Kit | Save Buying Direct from the Manufacturer on the Industrial Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating 165 Gallon Drum Kit! [Coats 25,000 SF @ 9.7 mils dft] 2-55 Gallon Drums of Part A | 1 – 55 Gallon Drum of Part B. Total Price Pending Color Selection if a Color Coat is Desired. Please Call for Custom Order and Color Choice 1-855-95-EPOXY!

    Nothing Bonds as Durable, Thick and Glossy… Guaranteed!

  • Trim Brush


    Disposable Chip Brush
    2″ – Great for Cutting in Edges & Corners

  • “Crack & Patch” Filler


    Crack & Patch” Filler Patches Cracks, Saw, Expansion Joints & Low Spots

  • Decorative Flakes


    EpoxyTech Kit® Decorative Flake
    Select any Flake System or Choose Up to 4 Different Flake Colors for Custom Color Blend.
    1/8″ Chips – 2 lbs. Package

  • Clean & Etch I Floor Prep Concentrate


    “Clean & Etch Floor Prep Solution

    Preps 500 sf. |Acid based floor coating prep solution. Use prior to epoxy floor coating floor. Profiles floor for maximum adhesion. Scrub floor with solution allow to sit for 10 minutes and thoroughly rinse. Now in concentrated powder. 3x the etching power!

    Pro Grade Products for a Pro Grade Finish!

  • ViporGuard® I Oil Stop – Primer


    ViporGuard® Oil Stop Primer with vapor barrier technology by EpoxyTech Kit®. This product coagulates contaminates and creates a moisture barrier to aid in conditions where moisture or hydro-static pressure is present. Great 2 in 1 multi facet primer fits most any primer application need. ‘Oil Stop’ primer with vapor barrier technology is only needed in conditions where contaminants or oil and moisture are present. Primer not needed on clean contaminant free floors. (2:1 mix ratio – 2 part A to 1 part B | Primes 300 sf @ 2.8 mils dft.) Used in high build, high wear applications as well. Penetrates any porous surface for an amazing mechanical bond.

    Pro-Grade Products for a Pro-Grade Finish!

  • DuraGloss® 1-Part Urethane Clear Coat & Concrete Sealer


    DuraGloss® Premium High Wear Moisture Cured 1 Part Urethane Clear Top Coat:
    Single Component | Rated Residential+ (1 Gallon – Coats 500 sf. @ 2.8 mils dft) 1-Part High Wear Moisture Cured Urethane Clear Top Coat & Concrete Sealer that exhibits superior abrasion resistance, UV and chemical resistance. This product is UV stable. [Rated Residential+] Applied as a epoxy floor coating clear top coat or concrete floor sealer.

    Pro Grade Products for a Pro Grade Finish!

  • Pro Grade Application Spikes


    Installation Spikes
    Used for installing epoxy floors. The 3/4-Inch spikes are firmly attached to a flexible plastic sole with nylon straps. One size fits all/most (Men’s 9-12)

  • 12″ Metal Squeegee


    Metal Squeegee
    12″ Flat Squeegee for spreading the material

  • 15 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit [Product Only]

    From: $724.95

    EpoxyTech Kit® 15 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit | Epoxy Floor Coating Product Only Kit [Coats Up to 2,500 sf. @ 9.7 mils dft | 5-6 Car Garage] Includes 15 Gallons of Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating.
    5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance of Water or Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Paint.
    Molecular Link Bonding Primer Technology + Coating in One! Best Price Guarantee!

  • DuraGloss® 2 Part High Solids Polyurea Clear Coat Sealer


    EpoxyTech Floor Coating Kit® | DuraGloss® 93% High Solids 2-Part Premium Grade Polyurea Clear-Top Coat Sealer Rated Industrial+1.25 Gallons of the Highest Volume Polyurea Solids on the Market for Maximum Durability & Extreme Gloss. 2x Thicker than Industry Standard. (Coats 500 sq. ft.) Optional Matte Finish Agent Available (Provides minimal slip resistance & resists scuffing. 1.25 gallon coats 600 sf due to increased volume)

    Pro Grade Products for a Pro Grade Finish!

  • 3 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Installer Kit | w/or Without Tools


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    Installer Floor Coating Kit | 3 Gallons of 2-Part Premium Professional Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy | Coverage 500 SF @ 9.7 mils dft (Coats a 2.5 Car Garage)
    Includes: Acid Based Clean & Etch™ Floor Prep, Decorative Flake & 45 Grit Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide, Installation Tools (all optional) DYI Video Link & Instructions.
    Industrial | Commercial | Residential Application. Not a Epoxy Floor Paint! 5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance of Aliphatic-Amine, Water & Solvent-Based Paint.

    Professional Grade Products for a Professional Grade Finish!

    Add-on w/Tools – $239.95 | Select w/Out Tools – $219.95

  • 1.5 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Installer Half Kit | .48¢ sq. ft.

    From: $126.95

    Product Rating:  | 297 Votes

    Epoxy Floor Coating Installer Half Kit 1.5 Gallons of 2 Part Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Coating (Coats 250 sq. ft. @ 9.7 mils. dft.)
    Includes Clean & Etch™ Floor Prep, Decorative Flake & Non-Slip Oxide (optional), Installation Tools, DYI Video Link and Instructions. Industrial | Commercial | Residential Application. 5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance of Aliphatic-amine, Water or Solvent Based Paint!
    Quality Technology! Molecular Bonding Curing Agent + Coating in One… 100% Guarantee! $144.95 W/Out Tools $126.95

  • 1.5 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Half Kit | Product Only

    From: $99.50

    Product Rating:  | 409 Votes

    Epoxy Floor Coating Half Kit | Epoxy Product Only (Coats 250 sq. ft. – 1.25 Car Garage)
    Includes 1.5 Gallons of Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy & Instructions (Brochure & Instructional Video Link)
    5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance than Water or Solvent Based Epoxy… 100% Guarantee!
    Advanced Technology! Molecular Bonding Agent + Coating in One!

  • 3 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Product Only | .39¢ sq.ft.

    From: $187.50

    Product Rating:  | 584 Votes

    Includes 3 Gallons of Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy & DYI Video Link and Instructions.  (Coats 500 sq. ft.@ 9.7-10 mils. dft. or 2.5 Car Garage). 5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance than Aliphatic-amine, Water or Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Paint. 100% Satisfaction and Best Value Guarantee!
    Advanced Technology! Molecular Link Bonding Primer Properties  + Coating in One!

  • Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating (3 Gal.) Kit | .95¢ sq. ft.


    Product Rating:  | 487 Votes

    Liquid-3DFX Metallic Epoxy System Kit (Coats 500 sq. ft.) Includes: 3 Gallons of EpoxyTech® Metallic Professional Industrial Grade Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating (2 Gallons of Part A and 1 Gallon of Part B) 3 Jars of Metallic Oxide Colorant, 4 Gallons of Tinted 2 Component EpoxyTech VaporGuard® Primer, 1 Gallon of EpoxyTech DuraGloss®”High Wear Urethane” Clear Top-Coat, Acid Prep “Clean & Etch” Concentrate. Installation Tools Including: Roller Cover, Jiffy Mixing Wand, Squeegee, Trim Brush (Chip Brush) and Easy to Use DIY Instructions.

    Choose up to 3 Color Different Metallic Color Blends. “Compare Us – 33% More!” Metallic Oxide than Competitors for Best Coverage and Even Overall Cover and Showroom Shine! First Color Chosen Will Be (2) of the 3 Metallic Jars Included. ( 2nd Choice) Will Be (1) Jar of Metallic Oxide Colorant. Total of (3) Metallic Jars.  (Add Up to 1 More Custom Color in Notes to Seller Checkout Window as (3rd) Jar.)

    This is a Professional Grade Three Coat System for a Professional grade finish. Total thickness = 15 mils. dft. Discover the Advanced Technology & Molecular Link Bonding Properties of The EpoxyTech Kit!

  • 9″ Roller Cover


    9″ Roller cover 3/8″ Nap – High quality white fabric nap cover – phenolic core – shed resistant

  • Touch Up & Sample Kit


    100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Touch Up and Sample Kit. (.25 gallons – Coat 40 sq. ft.) Add color choice in notes at checkout. Sample any color and see what works best and contrasts well with-in your environment.  Create color sample swatches. Leave color selection in notes at checkout.

  • Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide


    1 Pint of 45 Grit Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide | Applied between epoxy base-coat and clear top coat for minimal slip resistance. Broadcast over clear coat and back-roll to encapsulate for maximum aggressive non-slip application. 45 grit color and size equal to clear table salt. 1-pint covers 500 SF at medium to moderate broadcast.

  • 9″ Roller Frame Assembly


    Fits all 9 inch roller covers.

  • Professional Grade 18″ Roller Frame Assembly


    Professional Grade Roller Frame great for larger applications. Cuts installation in time in half. Expedites working time and pot life. Recommended on  applications of 1000 sf or more.

  • Professional Grade 18″ Flat Squeegee


    Professional Grade 18″ Flat Squeegee. Great for any epoxy or paint sealer and top coat application. Professional Grade Tools for a Professional Grade Finish!

  • Professional Grade 18″ Serrated Squeegee


    18″ Serrated Squeegee evenly disburses the perfect amount of epoxy for a perfect 10 mil coat. Now anybody can evenly distribute without the guess work. Pro Grade Tools for a Grade Finish!

  • Non-Adjustable Wood Pole


    Non-Adjustable Application Pole Metal threaded application pole for use with roller assembly.

  • Mechanical Jiffy® Mixer


    Professional Grade Mixing Bit Used to mix coating product. Warranty mandates use for 3 minutes with mechanical mixer at medium speed. Pre-mix part a before pouring in part b hardener. Free with any 3 gallon or more epoxy purchase!

  • Professional Grade 18″ Roller Cover


    18″ Roller Cover Professional Grade 3/8″ Nap Micro-Fibre Roller Cover. Professional Grade Products for Professional Grade Finish!

  • Copper Tape


    Copper Tape Works well to mask off areas for decorative borders. Also utilized to tape off safety paint and any edge. Pro Grade Products for Pro Grade Finish!

  • Patch Trowel


    Professional Grade Patch Trowel Utilized to fill cracks, pocks, pitting and leveling uneven surfaces. Pro Grade Tools for Pro Grade Finish!

  • Liquid-3DFX Metallic Half Kit | 1.5 Gallons

    Liquid-3dFX Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating | Half Kit includes 1.5 gallons of metallic epoxy floor coating and (2) jars of metallic oxide colorant, 1.5 gallons of (2) part tinted primer, 1 gallon of moisture cured high wear urethane clear coat and floor system installation tools.  Choose up to 2 metallic color choices and leave any notes to seller in checkout window. (Coats 250 sq. ft. or 1.25 Car Garage)