Special Value Pricing
for Your Business,
Home, Garage,
Basement or Patio
Floor Projects:
$144.95 For our 1/2 Kit.
1.5 Gallons – Coverage
250 sq. ft. (Equal to a
1.25 car garage) Select
w/or without tools &
$239.95 For Full Kit. 3
Gallons – Coverage 500
sq. ft. (Equal to a
standard 2.5 car garage.)
Select w/or without tools
& sundries…
 Quality Epoxy
Technology! Manufacturered with a
cycloaliphatic molecular link bonding technology!
This is not a substandard
water or solvent based
epoxy that will have to be
replaced every 1 to 2
years. Epoxy Tech®
comes with a lifetime
As Seen on & Used By:
Millions of Square Feet Sold... Trusted by Floor Coating Professionals Everywhere!

Rated Highest Gloss Levels on the Market!

Step 1

Remove all debris from garage or commercial / industrial floor. Leaf blowers and shop vacuums work well to ensure removal of dust and contaminates.

Step 2

Scrub floor to remove any contaminates using “Etch & Clean” solution (Odorless, 0%VOC’s). For heavily soiled floors and where moisture is present (oil & contaminates) we recommend “Oil Stop” Primer with vapor barrier (available). Check these spots by dropping a drip of water onto effected area and make sure to see that the water dissipates into concrete. This will ensure a mechanical bond. This product is a cycloaliphatic molecular bonding link agent + coating in one! Primer not required on oil & contaminant free floor. Mechanically profiling floor with diamond head brush provides best results. Heavy soiled floors in shop conditions we recommend shot blasting.

Step 3

Allow foaming period to occur for approximately 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Step 4

Mix (wand included some kits) part A and part B together. Mix thoroughly for 3-4 minutes. Must mechanically mix with drill – never by hand as this is reason for soft spots and or tacky uncured sections of floor. NOT product failure!

Step 5

Cut in edges with supplied chip brush.

Step 6

Squeegee (included) evenly distributing over 10′ x 10′ area and roll perpendicular to the area covered.

Step 7

Apply flake and aluminum oxide (both optional) by throwing into air. Cover 3-5′ sections at a time.

Please View Additional Info Link: (*Note: Optional UV Polyurea Clear/Top Coat Available in residential 1 part &  industrial 2 part – Not Necessary on all floors. Recommended for all floors exposed to high amounts of sunlight and over non-slip applications or to add depth to the look of floor as well as UV and abrasion resistance.)