Special Value Pricing
for Your Business
Home I Garage
Basement or Patio
Floor Projects:

$144.95 For 1/2 Kit.
1.5 Gallons I Coverage
250 sq. ft. (Equal to a
1.25 Car Garage) Select
w/or without Tools &

$239.95 For Full Kit. 3
Gallons I Coverage 500
sq. ft. (Equal to a
Standard 2.5 Car Garage)
Select w/or without Tools
& Sundries

Technology! The EpoxyTech Kit®
is Manufactured with Cycloaliphatic Molecular Bonding Technology!


This is Not a Substandard
Water or Solvent-Based
Epoxy Paint that Will Need to be
Replaced Every 1 to 2
Years. This System
Comes with a Lifetime
Guarantee! This is Industrial Grade.




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Advantages of EpoxyTech Kit® and the Cured Property Rates of 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating!
No primer? No problem! Cycloaliphatic Molecular Link Bonding Technology© + coating in one! (Diagram 1.3) Exclusions: Heavily contaminated floors.
Highest adhesion rate on the market (9800 lbs. per sq. in.) Highest abrasion and tensile strength @ 4800psi (w/ clear coat – 6300 psi) Tested 0% delamination w/concrete failure first on fresh concrete. (Must see video available.) Compression strength 9300 psi I 3x stronger than concrete!
Compare volume solids to determine your max coating value. Water and solvent based products lose volume solids up to  due to dissipation. No build.
This industrial grade 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy is laboratory and field tested as the most durable concrete floor coating available on the planet! 5 Star Rated by ‘Top’ coating professionals, ‘National Media’ and  ‘Sales Outlets’ alike.

    Low Solids Epoxy       VS.         EpoxyTech Kit® 100% Solids


5 Kits = $540.23
1 Coat = 2.3 mils.

3 gallon epoxy floor paint kit system

3 Gallon Kit = $187.50
1 Coat = 10 mils. dft.

The Epoxy+Tech Advantage!

• 100% Solid Cycloaliphatic
• Highest Gloss on the Market
• 5x Thicker Than Water-Based
• 10x Wear Resistance
• Slip Resistance
• Oil Resistance
• Solvent Resistance
• Chemical Resistance
• Industrial Grade
• Highest Adhesion Rate
• Resists Hot Tire Marks
• Increase Light Reflectivity
• Self-Leveling
• One Coat Application
• 0% VOC / No Odor
• Antimicrobial
No Other Epoxy Will Bond as Durable & Glossy!
For Commercial or Industrial Installation I 1-855-95-EPOXY
Or Via Global Chat or Email I We are Available 24 Hours I 7 Days a Week!