Why your garage needs an epoxy flooring?

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It’s an undebatable fact that garages these days are an imperative part of any household and they are being used for much more reasons than just to park the vehicles. Who would not want a garage with a showroom shine and a look that compels the visitor to ask, OMG, how can the garage be so clean, shiny and tidy? Well, the answer to this want is the Epoxy flooring kit.

It provides the most durable and toughest finishes to your otherwise rough and not so pleasing cement flooring. A coating of supreme beauty and function it is.

DIY Epoxy Floor Kit can be used for both commercial as well as residential purposes, depending on the application, the colour and hues can be selected from the plethora of options available at

Here are some reasons which will help you reconfirm your excellent decision of applying epoxy floor coating on your garage:

It’s harder than you think

Besides being the show stealer in looks, the hardened and thick application of the solution will give excellent durability to your floor. It is resilient to chemicals, stains, abrasion and chipping. Even if your hammer falls over or the bicycle drops from the ceiling, don’t worry, the coating’s got your back!

Keeps it cleaner

The coating covers the minor flaws like minor spider cracks in the concrete floor. As the coating is a topical sealer, it is anti-dusting, and will keep the dust particles away from the garage area and your vehicles.

A blessing for snowy climate

If you are someone living in the snowy climate, the Epoxy coating kit should be your garage’s best friend. It is naturally moisture resistant and make cleaning of icy brines and road salts a cakewalk. With the help of a mild soap and dust mop, the cleaning can be done very easily.

Keeps the repair tension free

Once you have the epoxy coating at place, you can be sure of cleaning and repairing your car without any tension of the floor. Oils, brake fluids, gasoline and other caustic chemicals can easily be wiped out and the chemicals can’t even imagine to sit on the coated floor. And your tools, they can never even think about damaging the floor.

Keeps the space lively and beautiful

Gone are the days of of dark and damp place, the garage used to be. With the Epoxy Floor Kit, your garage will be a lively and a brightened up space. The coating is light reflective; it also depends on the coating you select. It keeps the space neat and clean and with reflective surface, there can never be a dark space for your car, unless you want it there!

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The newest epoxy floor paint technology that is metallic epoxy floor paint in a DYI garage metallic floor coating kit. Same best quality of our industrial epoxy floor paint in a DYI epoxy floor coating kit.

Brings health to your vehicle

Your car will never be able to thank you enough if you choose the epoxy floor coating. It decreases the resistance for the vehicle and also decreases the wear on your vehicle in the facility.

Helps you go-green

With an increasingly environmentally conscious population, you would really don’t want to be the exception. The Epoxy floor coatings are an environmentally friendly and favourable flooring for people and institutions who are willing to choose green building materials.

Quick and easy application

Neither you nor your vehicle has the time to wait for concrete and other floors to dry up two to three days. Epoxy floor coatings are easier to apply, and are quick to dry!

From corporate companies to industries to households’ garage, the DIY Epoxy floor coating is the perfect best friend for every space.

You can find amazing options for your garage at the We give Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee!

Why Epoxytech?

If you are planning to give your surface a beautiful and durable look, Epoxy coatings are the answer! Epoxytech is the leading USA based manufacturer for all your Epoxy Floor Coating related demands. From manufacturing Epoxy adhesives and coatings for floors to providing them for automotive and Industrial uses, Epoxytech is the one-stop solution to your rough substrate.

What makes us different?

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Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

Apart from manufacturing the most technologically advanced and one-of-its kind Epoxy floor kit, we offer head to toe guidelines and accessories required in the process. We make the process as easy as hanging a nail in the wall and trust us, the wall here is not that hard! Need more reasons, read ahead:

62 years of experience

We are the lead supplier in the market with a rich experience of making our customers happy for 62 years. It is even possible that you might have heard or seen the professional grade 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit, you just didn’t know we are the manufacturer! This is just a gist of our market presence and confidence amongst our consumers! It goes without words being consumed that we know it all! We are confident enough to claim that from manufacturing to logistics, we can take care of everything that stands in the way of our customers.

No middlemen

Your floor tells a lot about you, your business or the industry. We make sure that the story is told as beautifully as it deserves and that too, at the most valid rates. And the best rates happen, because there is no middlemen or dealer involved. We believe in direct selling and because of that, over the years, we’ve become the top source for sales and technical expertise and advice, irrespective of the flooring or coating type.

Cutting-edge technology

Our floor coating systems are known for their quality and our latest technology and expertise ensures that the same is maintained and delivered to our customers. We use the molecular link bonding technology. The technology creates far better chemical, adhesion, abrasion, moisture and impact resistance, including anti-blushing, compressive strength and added superior glass properties.

The cutting-edge technology helps us create a product which has highest adhesion rate and durability characteristics that have ever been tested! A commendable tensile strength and an unmatched compression strength.

Our Epoxy Floor Kit is 3.8 times stronger than concrete! It is guaranteed to not crack or peel and has absolutely no odour. Unbelievable right? Such an amazing product at such reasonable prices!

Plethora of options

3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Sample

Our flagship product is the ‘installer’ epoxy floor kit and the package includes everything from head to tail of the procedure. We also provide an option to add items to the kit according to your own suitability. Apart from the DIY floor coating kits, we also manufacture dozen types of primer and clear coat options. With so many things available under one name, we are the one-stop solution to all your coating demands.

Excellent Consumer experience

The confidence of our consumers in us and our product can be reflected with the 5-Star Product Rating we have on our E-commerce presence. We give Lifetime warranty with the Best Price guarantee! And, there is only one thing which exceeds our product, and that is our simple logistics. Shop with us once and you will never consider another option again for your coating requirements!

Please visit us at and view amazing options at the best price available on our industry leading Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating in a DIY flooring coating kit.

How to prepare your surface for the Epoxy Floor Kit?

How to prepare your surface for the Epoxy Floor Kit? –

metallic epoxy floor coating showing everything that is included with metallic epoxy floor paint kit.
Best metallic epoxy garage floor paint in a metallic epoxy floor coating kit.

‘Proper preparation prevents poor performance’, the quote is valid for all spheres and coating industry isn’t an exception. While some in the floor coating industry hold on to the belief that preparing the surface is an irrelevant task, time and again, they’ve been proved wrong with various evidences. Of course, the quality and chemistry of the floor coating kit matters, but the longevity and success is also determined by how properly the substrate was prepared before the coating was applied.

Here, we bring you a few tips on how to get the best out of your DIY floor coating kit:

Clean the surface

Examination and analysis of the substrate is quite an evident first step to the preparation. While the older concrete shows effects of temperature and various chemicals, the newer one is a bit of a darling to deal with.

Old concrete floors have been exposed to various chemicals, greases and moods of the temperature, they should be thoroughly cleaned before the coating is laid upon. The newer concrete floors need cleaning too before the coat is applied, not really vigorous though.

Remove extras

Remove any previous coatings and paints that are there on the floor, uneven substrate might hinder with the sticking properties of the solution, vacuum it again to remove impurities.

Mechanical treatment

The most important factor while applying the epoxy floor coatings to concrete is to remember that the ultimate motive here to make sure that the substrate allows proper adhesion. And to ensure the same happens, mechanical preparation of the surface is imperative! There are various ways by which this motive can be achieved. Acid etching is one technique that doesn’t requires any machinery. The most commonly used equipment are the grinders, they complete their task without breaking or fracturing the surface of the substrate.

For more adamant surfaces, shot blasting techniques can be used. The technique involves throwing small steel balls against the surface to remove a thin layer of the surface.

Fill all cracks and holes

This step can be undertaken according to suitability, before priming or after it, whatever appears to be the best. All cracks and concrete holes should be taken care of before the coat is spread out.

Remove dark stains

Search the entire area for color variations or stains. Use a soft bristle brush to remove if any found. Usually, the corners and sides are the ignored ones, brush them to make sure they are treated equally. Just make sure to not use a hard bristle brush if not required, you might damage the substrate.

Prime the surface

It is a common misconception that priming of the surface is not necessary, but if you want to increase the life of your epoxy floor coat, never, I repeat, never ignore priming, unless stated otherwise. It increases adhesion and discards the risk of formation of bubbles and gasses. Just remember to use the proper mixture.

Once all the steps have been completed, all old coating gone and you can feel the presence of perfect surface profile, it’s time for the application.

If you are looking for the most technologically advanced Epoxy Floor Coating Kit manufactured in USA, then The EpoxytechKit is your answer.

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The Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Technology Reviews the Benefits of Our Epoxy Floor Paint Kit

Have you seen metallic epoxy floor coating yet? This is the best in epoxy floor coating technology. Offering the same great benefits of our industrial epoxy floor paint with a twist. These floors are affordable, beautiful and durable. Offering the same showroom shine with industrial durability and performance. The differences is clearly seen in images shown above done using our garage floor paint kit and industrial epoxy floor paint systems. They offer a much deeper, richer look. Metallic epoxy floor paint is now taking center stage in the home and not just a garage floor paint kit anymore. Offering the inspiring looks this epoxy floor kit can be installed using many different epoxy floor coating designs or styles using many different techniques. Visit us today to view the best epoxy floor kit technology. Manufactured with premium agents and additives… available in a garage floor kit as well. Add value and maintenance free style today with our metallic epoxy floor coating kit system today. View our website to see the terrific reviews on this industrial grade metallic epoxy floor kit. We are available at or @ 1-855-95-EPOXY.


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Best Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Offers Advice for Applying Garage Floor Paint Kit –

When it comes to applying the best industrial epoxy floor paint or coating for your garage floor…. Epoxytech® offers the solution. This is an industrial-grade epoxy floor coating that can turn ordinary looking concrete into a floor that looks professional in terms of function and looks. Available in numerous colors and styles, this epoxy floor coating is applicable for both residential and commercial structures.

What exactly is a garage floor coating and how does it differ from garage floor paint?

Contrary to a popular belief, epoxy floor coating is not paint. Paint is a latex acrylic product or often a solvent or water-based epoxy floor paint. Some of these epoxy floor paints contain a small amount of epoxy solids to increase the durability. But, in spite of these modifications, it is still considered paint. An epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech, on the other hand, is 100 percent cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating. It is formed when one part is epoxide resin is mixed with one part hardener. The hardener plays the role of catalyst and offers compression strength and durability to the epoxy coating.

Unlike water or solvent epoxy floor paint, the epoxy does not dry after its application. Instead, it cures. A chemical reaction gets initiated after the two parts are mixed due to which an exothermic curing process is started. During this process, polymer structures get cross-linked, thereby making the epoxy tough and durable. As the curing process ends, what you get is a coating that is thicker than bonds and paints.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor coating or industrial epoxy floor kit installation after care.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor is quite simple. In fact, some individuals prefer to have it due to the ease of maintenance. A dust mop, with 24” or 36” size, is your basic tool to clean the floor. It is capable of handling 90 percent of floor cleaning needs.

You just need to dust mop your floor once a week (or twice if required). It hardly takes few minutes to get a clean concrete floor after mopping. The mops are effective even for floors that come with an anti-slip additive. You can use a soft bristle push broom for floors that have an anti-slip agent like aluminum oxide.

If your floor has saw cuts or contraction joints, you can vacuum these every month. Using a broom in these regions is also a good idea.

Garage floors are prone to fluid leaks from cars and spills. You can get use a soft cloth for cleaning the spills. A Windex proofs to be useful if a film has been left by the spill.

If your epoxy floor system faces heavy traffic and dirt, you must go for heavy duty cleaning after every three or four months. A good quality hard foam mop does the cleaning job perfectly. You can use a solution of simple green in a spray bottle, along with a bucket of hot water, for this type of cleaning.

Benefits of using garage floor coating from EpoxyTech Kit®

Thanks to the thicker epoxy floor coating, you don’t need to worry about small imperfections in the concrete like spider cracks, as the coating covers them accurately. Well, this is just a basic benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech.

A lot of individuals find it frustrating to discover that the tires of their car are leaving black tire print. But, the users of Epoxytech don’t face this issue, as it is resistant to hot tire marks. This epoxy flooring is also resistant to stains, chemicals, oils, chipping, and surface abrasion.

The use of jacks, rolling tool boxes, and jack stands is quite high in garages. Even the equipment like this will not cause any harm to the floor.

If we talk about the visible appearance, the environment of the garage brightens up due to high light reflectivity. That’s the reason a lot of car showrooms use this floor coating system. A unique benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech is that you don’t require a primer separately. It is also present in the floor coating solution from the company. With a water or solvent garage floor paint kit a epoxy primer is always mandatory. With this garage floor kit you only need one coat for a perfect and durable showroom shine! 5x thicker than epoxy floor paint and 10x the resistance than today’s garage floor paint.

Importance of clear coat for epoxy

Although the epoxy floor coating is already quite durable and visually attractive, you can further enhance these properties through a clear top coat. The sacrificial layer of clear coat protects the floor from wear. This layer also encapsulates the decorative flakes, adds depth to look of floor and provides additional wear resistance.

View garage floor coating images on our website to help determine color and type of epoxy floor coating you need. There you will find photos of garage floor coating installations with the use of clear coat.

If you, too, require an industrial quality epoxy floor coating for garage or commercial building, call us today on 1-855-95-EPOXY or 


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