Special Value Pricing
for Your Business,
Home, Garage,
Basement or Patio
Floor Projects:


$144.95 For our 1/2 Kit.
1.5 Gallons – Coverage
250 sq. ft. (Equal to a
1.25 car garage) Select
w/or without tools &

$239.95 For Full Kit. 3
Gallons – Coverage 500
sq. ft. (Equal to a
standard 2.5 car garage.)
Select w/or without tools
& sundries…

This is not a substandard
water or solvent based
epoxy that will have to be
replaced every 1 to 2
years. EpoxyTech
comes with a lifetime


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EpoxyTech® is a epoxy manufacturer, supplying the globe with quality floor coating solutions. We are the only manufacturer with over “52 years” of product experience selling directly to the end user/consumer. We are the manufacturer behind the supplier. If you have seen a 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy system, chances are it was manufactured by EpoxyTech®. Only here can you buy direct and purchase this industrial grade product at these prices. This product is used/sold and proven to be the most durable coating available by top floor coating suppliers and professionals in the industry. EpoxyTech® was born in a lab as a premium industrial grade 2-part 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy system. This product possesses superior adhesion and bonding properties as it is a product directly derived from high adhesion epoxy adhesives and formulated as a coating for floors. Will not crack, peel or chip….Guaranteed! EpoxyTech® is tested at the highest tensile strength on the market today at 4,800psi! Also it is acid, oil, gas and solvent resistant as well. At 3x stronger than concrete our 100% solids cycloaliphiatic epoxy is a molecular bonding primer agent + coating in one! Apply over any concrete or porous surface with minimal prep work and allow to dry for a showroom shine that will last 20+ years.

EpoxyTech® is designed to be a “simple” not easy FYI project to enhance the look of your business or home… garage, patio or basement floor. We have provided you with everything you need to professionally coat a 250-500+ sq. ft. floor. The full kit will cover a 2.5 car garage at 10 mils dft, which is 5x thicker and 10x the wear resistance of competing water and solvent based epoxy or urethane floor suppliers such as Rustomeums EpoxySheild. Unlike water-based/solvent epoxies or low solid urethanes, this product will not leave the dreaded hot tire marks, will not crack, chip or peel and has no odor (contains 0% VOC’s). With water-based/solvents and low volume urethanes you lose 40-68% of your product (volume solids) due to dissipation. How much of your investment would you like evaporating into thin air? You would need to buy 5 kits of the competitors product to equal the wear resistance and thickness of EpoxyTech®. You will not have to recoat floor every couple of years, this product is guaranteed for life!

Some products dull over time… not EpoxyTech®. Formulating with high quality solid resins, we provide you with the highest gloss on the market today. EpoxyTech® will give the showroom shine, slip and wear resistance you desire in a three step, one coat process. Providing you a better value and the best floor at a less cost and time effective application. Optional polyurea top/clear coat and “Oil Stop Primer” are available if desired as part of the system, but not required or needed in most applications. “Oil Stop” is used in some cases on heavily soiled floors, application serves dual purpose. Product is also marketed as a “vapor barrier” as well. Clear coat adds depth to look of floor and provides additional wear resistance. Commonly used where flake and non-slip are applied. Purchase either at checkout.

Our full kit includes 1.5 or 3 gallons of 2-part premium grade of 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy, simple instructions as well as a do-it-yourself video that will instruct you from start to finish. We also provide all the tools, “clean & etch” floor prep, decorative flake and “non-slip” oxide (both optional) to complete your floor. Product only 2-part epoxy kits available at manufacturing pricing as well. Kits available from 1.5 gallons to 150 gallons.

We are so confident in our product that EpoxyTech® offers a 100% money back guarantee. In your search for floor coating we recommend that you bookmark this page… as stated you will not find this product at this price anywhere else, that is also guaranteed! We are only manufacturer selling direct to public. Only we can offer this product, at this price. Add value and maintenance free style to your home or business with the premium 100% solids industrial grade cycloaliphatic EpoxyTech®. Don’t paint your floor…premium coat it. Buy Direct & Save! Read more about epoxy products and installation.

EpoxyTech® Kit: $239.95

The full EpoxyTech® floor coating kit includes:
3 Gallons of epoxy
(2 gallons Part A, 1 gallon Part B)
Mixing bucket
Floor prep solution
Chip brush
Rubber gloves
Decorative flakes
Non-slip aluminum oxide
How to Instructional Video
Instructional booklet


  • 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy
  • Highest gloss on the market
  • 5x Thicker than water based
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Primer + coating in one
  • Chemical resistance
  • Industrial Grade
  • Made in the USA
  • Increase 10x value invested
  • Resist hot tire marks
  • Increase light reflectivity
  • Surface restoration & repair
  • Life time warranty
  • 0% VOC  – No Odor
  • 10x wear resistance

No primer needed! Molecular bonding primer agent + coating in one!
Guaranteed lowest price + Highest quality product anywhere.
We are the manufacturer… Buy direct and save 20-60%
5x Thicker + 10x Wear resistance than competing water & solvent based epoxy and urethanes.

*Premium polyurea top / clear coat available – Offered to add depth to look of floor and UV resistance… this is a high build system. “Oil Stop / Vapor Barrier” primer offered as part of system on heavily soiled floors, both optional.