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$144.95 Installer 1/2 Kit 
1.5 Gallons l Coverage
250 Sq. Ft. l Equal to
1.25 Car Garage l Select
w/or Without Tools &
Sundries  l  Product Only $99.95
$239.95 Installer Full Kit l 3
Gallons l Coverage 500
Sq. Ft. l  Equal to
Standard 2.5 Car Garage 
Select w/or Without Tools
& Sundries l Product Only $187.50
This is Not a Substandard
Epoxy that has to be
Replaced Every 1 to 2
Years. This is Industrial Grade!


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Thinking of Coating Your Floor? You Should Probably Read This First...

Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™ is produced by the world’s leading manufacturer of polymer floor coating, including high solids polyurea and urethane top coats, epoxy primer, paints and sealer. As well as the largest distributor of garage floor epoxy coating kits. The only manufacturer behind the supplier with over -62 years- of product experience selling at contractor wholesale pricing direct to public! The manufacturer behind the supplier. Offering consumers a cost effective one-stop-shop for all your concrete floor coating needs. Over the years we have become known as the top source for technical advice regarding all types of coating products, installation and overall over all market trends. We provide 24 hour global floor tech and product support and only here can you get wholesale factory direct pricing on this industrial grade system, as sold and used by the top floor coating suppliers and professionals in the industry. Born in a lab and developed by top chemists and engineers. As a result, this coating possesses superior adhesion/bonding characteristics. This product laboratory and field tested at 0% delamination with concrete failure first.  A 1/2″ wear layer ripped right off concrete test surface. [Must See Amazing Field Test Video]

Not All 100% Solids Coatings are Manufactured the Same! Although at a premium to produce, we only manufacture with 100% solids cycloaliphatic cured resin and high solids urethane. Using industry rated leading additives and premium quality agents means better value and benefits for the user. The right epoxy will give you years of use and enjoyment. From easy clean-up to increased light reflectivity and dust proofing. Your floors say a lot about you, your home and/or business. We assure you… Epoxy Tech is the most technologically advanced floor coating system of its kind and will beautify, restore and protect your investment with a one coat showroom shine!

What is Molecular Bonding Technology? The property test rate of cycloaliphatic cured epoxy is far superior in performance to aliphatic-amine resins that most suppliers sell. The backbone of the cycloaliphatic solids link structure is carbon to atom – not carbon to carbon [gas to particle vs. gas to gas] as in generic substandard aliphatic-amine structures advertised as 100% solids on the market today. As a result the molecular cross link bonding properties of cycloaliphatic epoxy produce far better chemical, abrasion, moisture and impact resistance, including anti-blushing, compression strength and gloss properties. Highest adhesion rate ever tested for flooring while boasting a tensile strength of 4800 psi and a compression strength of a whopping 9100 psi! Epoxy Tech is salt, acid, oil, gas and solvent resistant as well as 3.8x stronger than concrete. This coating system does not require a primer on contaminate free floors. If a supplier tells you differently, they are either selling an inferior product masked as premium grade or are trying up-sell. Cycloaliphatic epoxy generally costs 25% more to produce. As added value we only use and produce liquid pigment, also more costly as opposed to powdered pigment other manufacturers and suppliers use to pad margins. This is important for far better coverage and an even color coat. With lighter colors, more generic less expensive aliphatic-amine products require two coats to cover. However, we are not going to sell you something we would not put on our own floor. You asked for the best… to achieve, simply mix and directly apply over any concrete, wood or porous surface with minimal prep work. One gallon of our professional grade epoxy can be applied from 1 to 5000 sq. ft. at 1 to 100 mils. dft. (based on the porosity of the cement or surface a standard one coat application will coat a 2.5 car garage (500 sq. ft.) at a recommended 9.7 – 10 mils dft. This product is 5x thicker and  has 10x the wear resistance of competing aliphatic-amine, water and solvent based products. Will fill and self-level over small pocks and cracks for a smooth glossy glass like finish. This coating resists the dreaded hot tire marks as well. Will not crack or peel and has no odor, this coating is very green! Contains 0% VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) No ventilator! Unlike water or solvent paint and low solid urethane, that lose 32-64% of volume solids due to evaporation during the cure out process. leaving a dismal 2.1 to 2.8 mils wear layer. Very subpar! How Much of Your Investment Would You Like Evaporating into Thin Air? You would need to buy 5 of the low solids kits to equal the wear resistance and thickness of the Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™

The ‘Installer Kit’ includes an industrial 2-part premium grade 100% solids self-leveling cycloaliphatic epoxy. Simple instructions as well as a do-it-yourself video link that will instruct you from start to finish. We also provide all the DYI installation tools [professional grade available as well] sundries including decorative flake, 45 grit non-slip oxide, ‘etch and clean’ prep solution, add-on primer, clear top coat, concrete paint sealer, ‘Crack & Patch’ filler and application spikes [all optional] to complete your floor. Product only kits are available from 1.5 gallons to 165 gallon drum kits at or below manufacturer pricing as well. The best value purchased with the kit system is our worldwide 24/7 customer and product support. Because the only thing better than our floors is our relationships and transactions with our customers. As we offer the best value on the highest quality floor coating with around the clock tech support. Know your requirements? Our site system technology allows users to Build-a-Kit™ to specs with ease, featuring add-on kit functions to fit your product needs.

Do I Need a Primer or Clear Coat? While We manufacture and stock over 14 different types of primer and clear coat. Our techs have professionally selected 2 primers and 2 optional clear coat choices as part of kit system for optimal performance based upon industrial/commercial and residential market performance. At 2x thicker than industry standard rated [industrial+] our DuraGloss 2-part polyurea clear coat or 1-part high wear moisture cured [residential+] clear top coat and sealers. ViporLock™ ‘Oil Stop’ primer technology with vapor barrier protection is recommended on heavily soiled floors or instances where moisture is present. We also stock a high build moisture membrane primer. Available on request. Not required on contaminate free floor applications. Clear coat top sealer is used to act as a sacrificial layer to protect and add depth to the look of the floor while providing additional wear and UV resistance [recommended on non slip floors.] Neither is required in standard residential applications as additional abrasion and UV resistance typically are not required. Also our epoxy has an extreme gloss rate on its own, providing you the Wet Look Even When Dry!

In your search for epoxy floor coating or paint kits, we recommend that you bookmark this page. As stated you will not find this product at this price anywhere. ‘Guaranteed Best Price’ on this advanced technology or difference back. No other product will give you the coverage and bond as thick and as glossy as the Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems™. Add value and maintenance free style to your home or business today. Read More About Epoxy Floor Coating & Paint Products on Garage or Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Kit Installations.

We encourage you to view verified purchases from Amazon® and eBay® where we have a 5-Star Rating and 100% positive feedback. [Any internet reseller or importer who tries to sell you everything but the kitchen sink or importer can say anything in chat forums.] Floor systems is what we do – not shopping carts. Call on Epoxy Tech Professionals. We have supplied you with a link to very informative feedback on this product and customer service from verified purchases. Also please view the National “Make Over Your Garage with Epoxy“ Article – where we are selected as ”only source” to purchase this professional grade kit system from! See for additional ideas and tips!

The Complete Installer Kit: $239.95

Professional Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit No Other Product Will Bond as Durable Thick & Glossy!

The Epoxy+Tech Advantage!

• 100% Solid Cycloaliphatic
• Highest Gloss Level
• 5x Thicker Than Paint
• 10x Wear Resistance
•  Slip Resistant
•  Oil Resistant
• Solvent Resistant
• Chemical Resistant

• Antimicrobial
• Self Leveling
• Resists Hot Tire
• Increase Light Reflectivity
• Dust Proofing
• Lifetime Warranty
• 0% VOC  – No Odor
• Industrial Grade

Cycloaliphatic Molecular Link Bonding Properties + Coating in One! No Primer Needed. Compare to Aliphatic & Low Solid Based Epoxy…

Best Price Guarantee… Find it for Less & We’ll Refund Your Money! Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save Over 20-60%  

5x Thicker + 10x the Wear Resistance of Other Competing National Big Box Brands. This is Professional Grade!

[CERTIFIED] FINISH CHARACTERISTICS: Gloss (70-95 at 60° Erichsen meter) I ABRASION RESISTANCE: 500 cycles = 32 mg loss I COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH: 9100 psi  I TENSILE STRENGTH: 4800 psi I ADHESION: 450 psi @ elcometer [Video]

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