Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating (3 Gal.) Kit | .95¢ sq. ft.


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Liquid-3DFX Metallic Epoxy System Kit (Coats 500 sq. ft.) Includes: 3 Gallons of EpoxyTech® Metallic Professional Industrial Grade Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating (2 Gallons of Part A and 1 Gallon of Part B) 3 Jars of Metallic Oxide Colorant, 4 Gallons of Tinted 2 Component EpoxyTech VaporGuard® Primer, 1 Gallon of EpoxyTech DuraGloss®”High Wear Urethane” Clear Top-Coat, Acid Prep “Clean & Etch” Concentrate. Installation Tools Including: Roller Cover, Jiffy Mixing Wand, Squeegee, Trim Brush (Chip Brush) and Easy to Use DIY Instructions.

Choose up to 3 Color Different Metallic Color Blends. “Compare Us – 33% More!” Metallic Oxide than Competitors for Best Coverage and Even Overall Cover and Showroom Shine! First Color Chosen Will Be (2) of the 3 Metallic Jars Included. ( 2nd Choice) Will Be (1) Jar of Metallic Oxide Colorant. Total of (3) Metallic Jars.  (Add Up to 1 More Custom Color in Notes to Seller Checkout Window as (3rd) Jar.)

This is a Professional Grade Three Coat System for a Professional grade finish. Total thickness = 15 mils. dft. Discover the Advanced Technology & Molecular Link Bonding Properties of The EpoxyTech Kit!